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Our mares

Jessica (Emilion x Symfonie)

Jessica Jessica is "Ster Sport" jumping. Her first son, Sensation (Corland) is jumping international with Suzanne Tepper. Further she gave us Viura, an Oramé daughter, Bianchi, daughter of Indoctro, Ferrosso Blue, a stallion from Zirocco Blue and the youngest, Gabriële de Rève from Nabab de Reve. She was going to have a Corland foal again next year but she died in a thunderstorm on the 19th of July 2012.

Viura (Orame x Emilion)

Viura Viura is a "Prok" mare and "Ster Sport" jumping. She is an 10 year old daughter of Jessica. She has had two foals, Bonardo and Carmenière. She is going to have a Douglas foal next year.

Bianchi (Indoctro x Emilion)

Bianchi Bianchi is a 6 year old daughter of our mare Jessica. We have a VDL Douglas foal from her. She started her sportscareer and is jumping 1.20 now.

Carmenière (CarolusII x Oramé)

Carmenière Carmenière is a 5 year old daughter of Viura. She is like her mother a "Prok" mare.

Nairobi (Ekstein x Veritas)

Nairobi Nairobi is "Keur". She has a Numero Uno daughter, Toscanini, jumping 1.50 with Don Kortrink. She just had a very vivid Belin mare foal.

Chamberline (Berlin x Ekstein)

Chamberline Chamberline is a 5 year old daughter of our mare Nairobi. We had a VDL Corland stallion foal from her last year.

Murella B (Corleone x Cadmus)

Murella Murella is Keur. Her 4 year old daughter Daniëlla just got awarded star by the KWPN.

Wutella (Pacific x )

Wutella Wutella is a star mare and like Murella from the famous Portella line.


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